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"Aqotec stands for intelligent solutions made of proven components. We offer optimal solutions and products for energy production, their transmission and distribution in local and district heating projects. "

progressive energy solutions

Welcome to aqotec, your manufacturer of certified remote and local heating technology. Our many years of experience enable us to continuously develop our products and to include new complementary solutions in our product portfolio.
Thus, we can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the production of efficient heat transfer solutions. In addition to our core competence, we were able to assert ourselves in other areas. This enables us to support our transfer stations with our own control technology and our own software.
This step enables us to offer our customers better and better overall solutions. The control and optimization of our systems is made possible by a simple and more intuitive operation and can be easily operated by our visualization software.

our know-how. your benefit

Reference project biomass heating plant Oberlech

OBERLECH: The companies in Oberlech are known for their innovative power and their pioneering spirit. In addition to a tunnel system, which is to make the place "car-free", the aqotec could be significantly involved in another innovative project of the place. The companies consume a lot of energy because of the comfort, so the location felt the need to provide a CO2 neutral energy supply. In addition to this aspect, the preservation of added value in the region also played a key role. We are proud to be able to lead this pioneering project as one of our reference projects.

Reference project biomass heating plant Kühtai

KÜHTAI: Another reference project of aqotec is the biomass heating plant in Kühtai. The aim of the project is to provide about 70 potential heat customers with bio-heat. This means that about 1.8 million liters of heating oil can be substituted each year. Due to the elimination of many individual combustion with poor efficiency thus a pollutant reduction is achieved at the same time. In addition, this ecological heat generation results in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Quality and standards

aqotec focuses on TOP quality in all areas. From the outstanding education and training of the staff, to the design of business and production processes, we always meet strict quality standards. In order to have these standards reviewed by external organizations, we are constantly conducting certifications. This enables us to continuously provide our employees and customers with proof of our quality.